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How to Create Engaging Website Copy: 7 Proven Tips for Web Content Creators

Website copy is the core text that tells visitors what they need to know about a brand and its products/services. When target customers visit a site, its copy is the primary factor that engages them quickly and compels them to buy.

But website copywriting is a different animal. Admit it that most people don’t read the page first; they scan it. They look at the content structure and how it’s synchronised with the design.

Therefore, writing for websites is undisputedly challenging for web content creators because they have to grasp the attention of their target customers within the first few seconds. A complex, dull message with long paragraphs and sentences may lose interest.

So, be clever with the text if you are a web content creator tasked with writing website copy for a client who’s getting a new website built or redesigning an old one. Ensure that the content structure compliments the website design and makes it more compelling.

Proven Tips to Craft Engaging Website Copy

Visitors only read about 20 per cent of the content on each page. Uninspired copy turns them off and makes them leave websites within 10 to 20 seconds. Your copy must be something special to grab their attention, inspire action and drive up conversion rate. These tips will help you craft an incredible website copy that will get you more praises from your clients.

Understand your target customers

Before you start writing, learn about your target customers. Who they are, where they live, what they need, what their problems are, and how they react to a particular condition/event. Remember that the festive mood of people is usually different than usual days. Research their pain points, their desire to buy a product/service, etc., and try to connect with them on an emotional, visceral level. Tap into their covet and call out the perks instead of features to beat the competition. If your copy meets the user’s expectations, it will significantly drive conversions.

Read customer reviews on different sites before writing

Customer reviews tell a lot about customers’ psychology – how they behave before and after using services or buying products can act as a means of collective intelligence. Moreover, consumer reviews sum up the wisdom of the general population, helping web content writers to find content inspiration from the wealth of information out there. When you read reviews, you learn how a particular product made customers happy and sad. You can leverage those reviews to shape their decision-making process with a simple twist.

Understand the brand voice and tone

A brand voice and tone acts as communication between the brand and customers. A consistent tone of voice crafted with target prospects in mind can be extremely powerful in building a connection through website copy. Brand Story, brand tone, and brand voice work coherently together with website design to form the identity of a business.

The brand voice should be friendly, human, encouraging, and conversational for B2C business models. For tech companies and B2B models, it should be informal, professional, authentic, and represent experiences and exclusivity.

Add zing to your word choice

Good copywriters don’t try to sound smart; they make their readers feel smarter. They are crafty and wise with word choice. Website copywriting is about simplifying complex things about a product/service so readers can understand.

  • Using a thesaurus can be helpful. You can try synonyms with the right connotation and express your meaning accurately.
  • Weave a few sensory words (persuasive words) into your writing as if they can hear or feel the product you are talking about.
  • Use simple, actionable, strong words to put a clear, specific image, evoking an emotion that affects thoughts, mood, and eventually, actions.

Use the rule of three when writing slogans, headlines, lead magnets

Our brain likes number 3; it has some psychological effect that makes the ideas sticky on our brain. When we group our ideas into three words, three sentences, or three points, they form a pattern that is easier for a human brain to soak up. Several studies have concluded that we’re hard-wired to respond positively to groups of three.

A slogan is crucial to introduce a business/product/service in marketing. When the Apple iPad2 was released, people used to remember it with the phrase “thinner, lighter, and faster.”

Moreover, Nike is famous for its slogan “Just do It” and Toyota for “Let’s go places.”

So, when you write slogans, headlines, or lead magnets in website copy, make sure to find catchy combinations of words and try to summarise the core purpose in three words.

Make it scannable

No one likes to read long paragraphs and sentences all at once. Give them a break!

Write short sentences (20 words are enough in a sentence), short paragraphs(three sentences per paragraph), and noteworthy points in bullets. It will improve the readability and engagement of your content. Give quick answers to customers’ queries in the FAQ section that you think they might ask. The white space between paragraphs helps readers rest and refresh their eyes.

Let your copy dance

Have you ever felt the rhythm in writing while reading anything on the web? A higher tempo, shorter sentences, and concise writing allow readers to glide through your text and grasp your ideas more quickly.

If you want to notice the rhythm in your craft, read your copy aloud.

  • If it sounds choppy, include a few longer sentences.
  • If it lacks energy, try to chop up a long sentence and break sentences into shorter ones.
  • If you stumble while reading, rewrite a sentence.
  • If sentences don’t connect logically, rewrite for clarity and add transitions.

Create perfect communion between copy and design

Website copy should blend flawlessly with its design to give it a unified shape. It draws readers’ attention and paves the way for optimal business results. When you write website copy, try to add words and sentences that fit the design theme and compliment each section.

Takeaway Notes

Website copy is crucial to attracting customers and converting them into leads, and no website is successful without an exceptional copy. Whether the end goal is to sell a product, encourage users to sign up for a newsletter, or download an e-book, a copy is a key behind persuading users to take action.

Be clever, concise, and credible. 


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