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Selling is the only goal for your online shop

Creating an eCommerce website is significantly different from designing other types of websites. Unlike corporate and branding projects where the main emphasis is generally on the design, the crucial role in online stores is the UX.

Online stores we create are never duplicated because different companies also have different needs. We draw every page in detail, taking into account modern design trends, features of your market and user behaviour.

web design componente-Shop Design  & Developmente-Shop Design  & Development
How we do it

Our process

  • our web design process

    Do research

    We determine your needs

    It is hard to achieve quality results without understanding your underlying reasons and motives.

    Whenever we design an eCommerce website, we conduct a road-mapping session before we begin. This is done to identify opportunities in your online marketplace and enables us to identify what features are required or desired for your shop.

    We will scrutinise every aspect of your business and look into the needs of your customers, your offerings and your competitor’s offerings. We will carry out benchmarking – a deep analysis of the industry and the most successful companies.

  • our web design process

    Layout Design

    Designers create a mockup

    Depending on the purpose of your website, we will design a suitable structure to help manage users’ attention and actions.

    If your website’s purpose is to cause emotions, we will create an impressive design. If your website’s goal is to sell, we will consider all possible user flow scenarios and create a design that will “force” users to click on the Buy button.

    First, we will review critical user flow paths and write down the possible steps users can take on the website. Based on these scripts, we will design the website’s information architecture and create mockups so you can evaluate the performance of your website.

  • our web design process

    Start Development

    Developers get stuck in

    Based on the structure and the designs, we will develop a shop concept. Everything – colours, forms, fields, and buttons – will be measured and coded to the last pixel and drawn in detail.

    Throughout your project, you will be in touch directly with our lead developers & designers, where you will review the progress. We do not have junior developers who would be learning on the job. We want you to be 500% satisfied with the result.

    According to the project requirements, we will also prepare an adaptive design so your website will look exactly as the designer intended it to, regardless of the device used to visit the website.

  • our web design process

    Set Website Live

    And off we go!

    The most exciting part is here! Your eCommerce website is now ready for the world to see.

    Our internal process ensures quality and accuracy at every step of bringing your website live. The process takes place during business hours, Monday through Thursday. This way, we can complete the process and verify everything is working with the team on standby.

    Your new website is live, but your business is constantly changing! Growth is what makes the best changes. Our team is ready to bring in any new features/amends to fulfil your business needs.

Why choose us?

While others make 💩 we create 🍭

We offer non-standard options to solve common problems, and we do not limit ourselves to trivial solutions. We are not afraid to take risks and even go too far. Our goal is a cool design. It justifies any means 😉

Want to hear more?

Contact us

Finding out what your shtick is, and capturing it in the website design, makes us feel good. This is why many companies usually choose Dion Digital.

We can efficiently work in any style direction and create impressive websites for clients from different business sectors – we always manage to find a common language and give clients what they want.

Developing websites is one of our main areas of activity. However, we are not interested in getting as many clients as possible – we prefer to focus on quality and long-term relationships. We can work with any methodology, from waterfall to agile.

In any case, we will be fully absorbed in your business and will continue developing and supporting your website after its launch. You can fully entrust us with maintaining your website – from adding content to improving your website’s SEO score.

We know there are no small items that are not important – every element, even the smallest one, plays its role and has its purpose. Therefore, we carefully draw all the website details according to the overall creative concept. We know how to highlight key points and manage users’ attention.

We do not feel any inconvenience when working with all the different styles. We are well versed in modern tendencies and trends in the area of web design. Without hesitation, we can say which solutions are universal and timeless and which ideas are going out of date soon.

We neither wrinkle nor turn our noses up – you can always negotiate with us about a price range that fits within your budget.

On-Page SEO, 24/7 support*, free SSL & enhanced security come as standard with every website we build.

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Shall we get started?

We can offer you a full range of services including graphic design, web design, e-commerce builds and developing digital resources of any level of complexity. We can create both a trendy web design that will cause the “wow-effect” and a well thought-out technological interface.