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Dangers Of Outdated Business Web Design

When it comes to web design, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. What looks great to one person might appear dated and unattractive to another. This is why it’s important to stay up to date on the latest trends in web design, lest your site starts looking like a relic from the past.

Recent studies have shown that outdated web design can be a major turnoff for customers. Here are some reasons why your outdated website can be putting clients off.

It Lacks Trust and Authority

These days, trust is crucial in the business world. Customers want to deal with companies they can rely on to treat them well and help improve their lives in some way. But when your website looks like it belongs in another decade, customers may start wondering if you’re trustworthy, credible or if you are still in business.

It’s Insulting to the Internet-Savvy Customer

Modern web design is clean, and streamlined. That’s because most consumers are now Internet-savvy, and they’re used to the way sites look today. If your site looks like something that was designed in 1998 (or earlier), it can be insulting to your customers.

It Can Hurt Your SEO Rankings

It’s no secret that Google takes website design into account when ranking sites in search results, so it goes without saying that outdated websites look less attractive to the all-powerful search engine, which can hurt your organic search rankings even further.

So what are some ways you can keep your website design up to date, without opting for trendy design at the expense of staying true to yourself? Let’s take a look.

Finding That Balance Between Trends and Your Own Website Identity

You don’t need to wholly abandon your own unique brand identity in order to make sure your designs are up-to-date. Here are some ways to balance the two, so you can feel good about your design choices when attracting new customers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Colours

Many websites nowadays are opting for minimalistic designs that don’t rely on colour much at all. And while this type of website is extremely popular right now, it isn’t necessarily true that you need to go this route. As long as your colours don’t clash with your company’s identity, they can still help you stand out from the crowd and attract new customers to your website.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Video

Video content is now becoming more and more popular, but it can also be a great way to fill in any missing details that you might not feel comfortable putting into words. For example, if you run a fitness-related company, you might consider using Instagram videos to give potential customers a quick glimpse of what your business is all about and how it can help them.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

The great thing about web design and marketing, in general, is that there are no limits to what you can do. If you want to give your website a unique look that’s all your own, then don’t be afraid to do it. A good web design company will understand the importance of allowing their clients’ brands and personalities to shine through in their designs.

In conclusion

If you are still using outdated web design, it may be time to upgrade. Outdated designs have been shown to decrease the number of sales conversions which can lead to a loss in revenue for your company. Let us help by developing an updated website that will increase traffic and conversion rates. Contact our team today!


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