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7 Web Design Trends For 2022

An overarching trend in web design we see for the year 2022 includes an increased sense of playfulness – like oversized text, muted shades, or micro animations. Web designers (including us!) are finding creativity outside of the standard photograph-centric layouts this year. They are more focused on using typography, sophisticated textures, grids, multilayer imaging, and creative scrolling experience.

However, the fundamental aspects of web design that never go away include user-friendly navigation, fast load times, and clean, crisp visuals. Web designers play with some innovative elements to engage visitors and convert them into buyers to keep the website’s forefront of design and search engines. If the website looks outdated or dull, bounce rates will accelerate – because many of us look for something diverting or exciting once and again.

Check out these slick, cutting-edge web design trends that are packed with verve and vivacity to make websites more appealing in 2022.

Text based hero images/Oversized Font

Keeping in mind the short attention span of readers, web pages are now creatively designed for visitors to scan and take the most accurate information with oversized text. Now companies are using text-based hero images that speak with design rather than relying on photographs or illustrations. Hero images should communicate the brand identity and entice visitors to discover what else lies beyond the hero section. A big visual impact with bold colours and texts written in creative fonts can help.

Imagery multilayers

There’s been a heavy focus on pixel-perfect, clean designs in recent years. Imagery multilayers are a way to challenge conventional design trends that our eyes are accustomed to. This new web design trend will give audiences a different, unique experience and leads to spending more time on a website. Mixing photos/illustrations, elegant animations, and black background together will deliver a visually cohesive experience – and makes room for putting plenty of content in a single section or limited space.

Split-screen layouts

A split-screen layout divides the hero section of the website into two or more vertical parts to showcase more products and messages at once. As a result, you can easily lure users into choosing a natural “left or right” style. You can use a two-column/three-column split-screen or one larger(focused) or smaller screen space while keeping a solid structure. In addition, you can also combine gradients, shadows, and shades to add depth and texture to the split-screen layout for a better visual appeal.

Mixing 2D and 3D

The 2D images and flat texts don’t surprise the audience anymore – they are used to them. We saw lots of designers incorporating elements of 3D with a more flat overall aesthetic in 2021. Using 2D elements with a 3D flair is a trend in 2022, creating a strong visual contrast to attract the audience. Designers can use shadow and motion to accomplish this design style and add extra understanding for a design to enhance visual interest.

Micro Animation

Micro animations are small but creative animations you put on the website to deliver a more reciprocation experience. Micro animations are an excellent example of “small doesn’t mean insignificant” and are extremely helpful in adding an element of playfulness. 

Micro-interactions will enhance user experience and give shoppers a taste of the company’s products. 

See how Langmobile did it in their hero sections to fulfill a delightful experience to users and give a stunning appearance to the website.

Bold colours to evoke certain moods

Colorful minimalism is one of 2022’s most celebrated web design trends. Using bold, bright, saturated colours mindfully will help your brand evoke certain moods. You might be familiar with the importance of Colour psychology in marketing – how specific colours impact human behaviour.

In 2022, web designers must be creative in using bold colours – without overwhelming the eye – to evoke the mood(s) and feeling(s) a site is meant to elicit.

For example,

  • Green typically denotes nature 
  • Red symbolizes passion, importance, energy
  • Blue is trustworthy, serene, inviting
  • Dark blue represents productivity
  • Black is powerful, sophisticated
  • Pink tones represent fashion, romance, and sweetness

Stimulating scrolling experiences

Websites that showcase creative animation ramp up to technologically inventive heights, and in 2022 we’ll be seeing more designers turn to brimming animated interactions into scrolling.


Scrolling is a great opportunity to take the visitors on imaginative journeys – surprise them with every scroll. Transform your website page into a living world through psychedelic imagery. A notable foreground element will work best if you have a website with an abstract theme such as this Stone & Style website – the designer has kept the black crystal as the focus of attention that entices visitors to journey towards the bottom of the page.


You can also check out these websites if you want to go on an immersive visual journey. 

These interactions will take visitors beyond scrolling and encourage spellbound engagement with dragging, clicking, swiping.

Open to embracing the 2022 web design trends?

Apart from these web design trends, you can also opt for minimalism, fun shapes, muted earth tones, Brutalism, the 80s, 90s, and other retro design styles to get another step forward in 2022. However, no one can predict what will be trending in the coming years because the future moves quickly, and digital designers have to continuously innovate to pave the way and provide a refreshing vibe that creates joy every time. Whether it means bringing back a forgotten decade or offering up something handmade, the ultimate goal of web design should be to elicit a momentary sense of wonder.


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