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Impact of Good Website Design on Marketing

A good design pleases the senses and brings out emotion – it makes people act, react, and buy. From colours, shapes and typography to setting the mood and creating a culture, all contribute to website design essentials. 

Your website design can not only enhance the visual appeal but further, make a huge difference to your marketing efforts. It’s an investment that businesses ought to weigh carefully. A website garners better conversion rates when its design feeds into user experience, functionality and appropriately complements the content.

So, if you are trying to improve your marketing game, start with the website design and measure the metrics after. 

This guide will tell you how website design can contribute to marketing.

The design makes a good first impression

Business owners crave great first impressions because they know that a positive first impression can build trust and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

If you successfully get your users to “instantly” like your site, they’ll slash you some slack for hiccups later on.

First impressions are 94% design-related, and it takes 2.6 seconds for a user’s eyes to focus on the section of a website that attracts at first sight. According to research conducted by British researchers, different design and content factors influence trust. Researchers monitored participants’ eye movements as they scanned web pages and then analysed the data to speculate how long the participants focused on particular sections of a page— the menu, logo, images, etc. —before they moved on to another section. As a result, the researchers analysed the look and feel of the website as the main driver of first impressions.

The design of the website depends on many factors: structure, colours, spacing, symmetry, amount of text, fonts, etc. Complex design, busy layout, lack of navigation aids, dull colours, slow load time, too much text, small fonts, and poor search capabilities are associated with rapid rejection and mistrust. However, if you stay updated with the latest web design trends and use them on your website, you will see a massive shift in your conversion rates.

Design authenticates a company

Design is not about how it looks; it’s about how it works and how to make the overall experience better. If you apply design thinking to different areas of a website, you will be able to attain the unique brand identity you aim to deliver to your audience. 

The three levels of design-thinking that make consumers happy on multiple levels include:

  • Visceral: It creates an instant positive first impression
  • Behavioural: Itgives an intuitive and pleasurable experience
  • Reflective: It conveys your company’s message/story 

Design triggers psychology and emotion

Design elements like images, colours, fonts, the right placement of products, etc., can reinforce communication, trigger emotion and compel website visitors to take action. This is because the human brain associates different shapes and colours with particular characteristics and emotions. For example, shapes like triangles and squares represent balance, stability, professionalism, power, efficiency, strength, and masculinity. Similarly, ellipses, ovals, and circles represent unity, community, friendship, relationship. Likewise, the colour tone of your website theme also impacts your visitors.

p>For example, if you want to offer exclusive deals, you can use hot colours like orange, red, yellow to convey a sense of urgency. These colours will push customers to decide and purchase faster. 

Similarly, blue represents trustworthiness, calmness, honesty, strength. 

Purple represents creativity, productivity, extravagance.

Yellow shows confidence, forward-thinking, optimism. 

Black represents luxury, sophistication, authority, seductiveness.

In short, psychologically-conscious website designs can influence your visitors’ mindset and behaviour in measurable ways. 

Design helps the brand overshadow others

The goal of marketing isn’t just to accumulate sales; it’s also to raise brand awareness and make people trust so they can confidently buy from them. A smart web design helps in branding and enables the company to rise above the competition. 

Apple is a good example when we talk about design and its influence on branding. There’s something special about Apple’s design strategy that cements its image into the memory of tech consumers. 

Web design impacts customer experience

Unmet customer expectations won’t get you profits. If you have a good strategy for digital transformation but fail to deliver your message coherently via your website, all your efforts will be ineffective.

As per research, around 70% of shopping experiences revolve around customers’ feelings about the website. A few years back, Google conducted a study. The results reported that websites with low visual complexity and high prototypicality (representation of a design for a particular category) were perceived as highly appealing. 

Clean flow and layout allow people to scan the website and navigate easily. Placing products in the right location, adding crisp images, big, bold fonts, separate landing pages, and reducing clutter from the landing/product pages encourage visitors to buy more and become returning customers. 

Better design, better leads

Businesses capitalise on attracting new customers, and converting and retaining visitors is no easy task. When a visitor lands on a site, the first thing he sees is how attractive the platform looks and how the overall experience is. If it’s solid and reliable enough for them to trust the business. A logical, understandable website with a crisp and responsive design looks attractive to customers and helps in inviting more potential leads. 

Other key factors of the website design that helps in attracting more leads include: 

  • Solid navigation
  • Purposeful visuals 
  • Clear call-to-actions
  • Good copy
  • Consistency in the design across the website. It helps build brand recognition and keeps users engaged on your page longer. Make sure the colour, format, typography, and other elements stay consistent. 

Your Takeaway Points

Visual appeal matters everywhere. If you want to experience significant conversion boosts, make sure to invest in website design using design psychology. It is an indispensable tool for businesses, and if you ignore it, you’re likely to miss out on potential leads and, ultimately, sales.

Investing in a website design can make a difference if you hire a professional web design company that can crank up the quality of the design. In this way, your investment will work according to your advantage. 


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